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The consortium’s mission is to radically improve the lives of people dependant on the use of tube (enteral) feeding. This is an under-served segment that experiences low patient satisfaction and high patient distress. Patients and clinicians alike agree that enteral feed patients’ needs are not being adequately met by current options. Over 1,000,000 people in Europe and US are dependent on tube feeding every day, expected to increase by 8% over the next 3 years. Over 300 conditions require daily tube feeding, such as Cancer, MS, Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes. Mobility+ will transform the tube (enteral) feeding market by introducing a game-changing user-centric feeding system.

Users in both home settings and hospitals demand simplicity, ability to feed discreetly when on the go, enhanced functionality and are looking for the tube feeding to be as normalised an experience as possible. Mobility+ is a complete solution that ensures the wellbeing of tube feeding users and provides new functionalities. It will replace existing cumbersome, complicated, expensive solutions utilising electricity driven pumps and it will disrupt existing business models of how enteral feed is sold and distributed.This consortium seeks funding through the H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot Scheme H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 programme to accelerate the commercialisation our innovative technology (currently at level TRL 6). We aim to transform and significantly improve care for patients requiring tube feeding. We have assembled a business focused consortium to achieve commercialisation in target markets by month 30 from project start.

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FTI Project mid-term progress review meeting

Exciting times, yesterday we had our Fast Track to Innovation project’s mid-term progress review meeting with our partners MET Technology Gateway, Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG and SteriPack Contract …

FTI Project Kick Off Meeting

Congrats to all! Project Kick Off Meeting Pic from Tues 16th March MET Technology Gateway SteriPack Ireland SteriPack Contract Manufacturing Georg MENSHEN GmbH & Co. KG Rockfield Medical @EUeic @EU_H2020 #EIC #EU_EASME #euh2020 #EIB #FastTracktoInnovation #eicAccelerator #innovating #enteralfeeding #feedingtube #medicaldevices #FeedingTubeAware